• Be informed by the service provider of the rights and obligations of the service provider under the service licence.
  • Receive a service that is safe and free from personal impairment or damage to property.
  • Be privy to information regarding services received from utility suppliers.
  • Receive fair treatment.
  • Make a claim to the Commission against the respective service provider in accordance with the terms of the service licence in the event that the consumer and the utility provider are not able to resolve the claim.



In addition to any other obligations contained in the contract between the consumer and the utility provider, the consumers shall:

  • Pay for the services provided or made available in accordance with the applicable charges within the stipulated timeframe specified by the utility service provider.
  • Comply with the technical regulations issued by the utility provider related to service connections and the maintenance of internal facilities.
  • Utilize services under the guidelines given by the service provider and ensure that safety guidelines are complied with.
  • Report any damage, hazardous products or unfair services to the respective service provider.
  • Ensure that bills, receipts and other documents for transactions conducted with utility providers are stored for future reference.