The primary functions of The NURC are prescribed in the NURC ACT No. 3 of 2016;

  1. To advise the Minister on the formulation of national policy on matters relating to utility supply services.
  2. To promote the efficient and economic development of the utility supply services sector.
  3. To ensure the economic regulation of utility supply services.
  4. To ensure compliance with the Government’s international and regional obligations relating to utility supply services.
  5. To be responsible for the technical regulation of utility supply services and the setting of technical standards having regard to international standards and best practice relating to utility supply services.
  6. To receive, consider and determine applications for service licences to provide utility supply services pursuant the Regulatory Acts.
  7. To establish, approve, monitor and review tariff schemes and tariffs in accordance with any Regulatory Act.
  8. To monitor and ensure that service licensees comply with the conditions attached to their service licences.
  9. To monitor and ensure compliance with standards set pursuant to section 45(2);
  10. To ensure the protection of the interest of consumers in relation to the provision of the  utility supply service.
  11. To receive and evaluate consumer complaints and resolve disputes in accordance with section 39.
  12. To promote competition and monitor anti-competitive practices in the utility supply services and advise the competent authority responsible for the regulation of anti-competitive practices accordingly.
  13. To maintain a register containing records of service licensees in the prescribed form.
  14. Undertake in conjunction with other institutions and entities where practicable, training, manpower planning, seminars and conferences in areas of national and regional importance in utility supply services.
  15. To conduct research relating to utility supply services as may be necessary.
  16. To report to and advise the Minister on the economic, financial, legal, technical, environmental and social aspects of the utility supply services sector.
  17. To require payment of and collect fees payable under this Act and the Regulatory Acts.
  18. To perform such other functions specified in this Act, any other Regulatory Acts or the Regulations.