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What is The National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC)?

The National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC) is a multi-sector independent regulator established pursuant to Parliament Act, No.3 of 2016, to regulate electricity, water and sewerage sectors in Saint Lucia.

Does the NURC handle complaints?

The National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC) addresses consumer complaints.

The NURC will accept a consumer’s complaint only if it has already been submitted to the appropriate service provider and the complainant remains dissatisfied after all avenues of the service provider’s dispute resolution processes have been exhausted

How can the NURC assist utility consumers?

The National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC) ensures that regulated utility providers deliver excellent quality services to meet consumer expectations. We assist with unsettled disputes which may occur between consumers and utilities service providers (billing disputes, service complaints, disconnection notices, deposit problems etc.).

How can complaints be submitted to the NURC?

Complaints can be submitted via email, phone, mail or in person at the NURC office in Sans Souci.

Where is the Office of The NURC Located?

The NURC office is located in Sans Souci, in the old Cable & Wireless building.

How can the NURC be contacted?

Telephone: (758) 456 0790/456-0866

Fax: (758) 456- 0866


Mail: Box CP6307,

Conway Post Office,

Castries LC 04301


Social Media: Facebook

What are the powers of the NURC?

The powers of the NURC are derived from the NURC Act No. 3 of 2016. Hence, the primary functions of the NURC are to; regulate the provision of utility services, protect the rights of utility customers and establish, approve, monitor and review rates.

To whom does the NURC report?

The operations of the NURC are governed by a Board of Commissioners. The Commission Reports to the Minister with responsibility for Public Utilities.

How is the NURC funded?

The operations of the NURC are funded by either or both Licensee fees and/or Regulatory fees. The NURC may also receive funding from:

  • The government of Saint Lucia (Sums allocated by parliament).
  • Levies payable to the commission
  • Grants from non-governmental and International organizations.
  • Technical assistance received from agencies.
  • Revenues raised in the sum of loans, investments or other lawful means.

How can consumers of electricity, water and sewerage services benefit from the functions of the NURC?

The NURC provides benefits for water and electricity customers by;

  • Protecting rights of consumers regarding quality of service;
  • Advising consumers of their rights and responsibilities
  • Investigating consumer complaints and resolving service related disputes.

Governance arrangements, organizational structure and staffing of the NURC:

In the execution of its powers and functions, the Commission primarily relies on three organs;

  • The Board of Commissioners- Executes and overseas the functions and operations of the commission
  • Advisory Committee- Gives advice to the Commission on matters relating to the Commission’s functions as the Commission may determine;
  • The Secretariat- Comprises of a mix of professional and administrative staff, led by a Chief Executive Office who manages the day to day affair of the commission.